Storyteller – 5×7 Card

Storyteller – 5×7 Card


Front of card:  “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. ~Matthew 5:8”

Inside blank

Back of card:  (See text below in description)


“Story Teller by Barbara Bosworth

Sweet love of Jesus abide in me,
Awaken the eyes of my heart to see.
Tell me the stories that make my faith soar,
And teach the adventures of life evermore.
Stories of star-making , planets and seas,
Breath that you breathe on the least of these.
You really love Color, and flowers Galore,
Your animals are Awesome, could You make a few more?
Some of the things that you’ve made make me laugh,
Seals with their flappers, and necks of giraffes.
I’ll run through a troop and leap over a wall,
I can fly like those eagles whenever I fall.
Your kingdom’s a Treasure, a Joy to be found,
I’ll give up my favorites, and search like a hound.
I hear you bless “givers” and “thankfulness” too,
I hope you’ll work in me, I’ll be that for You.
Of all you’ve created and things you have done,
I’m thankful I’m part of your story, God’s Son.
You died as my Savior, my heart is your home,
I’m a child of heaven, Forever Your Own!”