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Introduction to Our Studio

We are Heirlooms Gallery
Established 1991 – Lake Odessa, Michigan


You will find as you observe our drawings and paintings different themes varying from grace to joy… God’s sovereignty… the presence of God… sacrificial love… and so on.  Many pieces contain scriptures which are placed in areas not readily noticable, and some objects have special meaning and symbolic placement. Most prints come with a writing explaining these details and share my personal thoughts of faith.
It is an honor to share my artwork with you and tell you a little about myself…where I live, why I do what I do, and the questions people often ask.  I live in scenic rural Mich. with my husband, Darrel, and growing family (including great-grandchildren!) who live nearby.  My husband serves as a pastor in our area…another great joy.  Together we serve beside many dedicated Christians while being continually challenged to represent God’s heart to the people around us and afar.   At an early age I discovered my ability to draw and possessed a desire to develop my natural abilities.  My strength had always been in portraits.  While I have had no formal training, I have learned the value of observing and studying the designs which surround me.  A few of my favorite things…I love worship and enjoy the musical talents of many Christian artists.  My favorite season is summer.  Favorite break time treat?… a hazelnut latte.  As for entertainment… Detroit Tiger Baseball!!!
We recently relocated from our Lake Odessa store, to a newly built country studio-gallery on our home property.  We are surrounded by fields, making a peaceful location to visit and a lovely working environment.
The models in the artwork are friends, neighbors, and family members.  I chose people from a variety of churches, ethnicities and personalities in order to include people from various walks of life.  Being raised in the country and near the shores of Lake Michigan has exposed me to some wonderful scenery.  Fields, flowers, streams, children at play, trees and beaches have all prompted a sense of awe and stirred my imagination. I find blessing in all God has created for us to enjoy.
Above all, I find blessing in who God is Himself… and His merciful heart revealed in giving us His Son, Christ Jesus as Savior, to whom I am forever grateful.  I have experienced the agony of failure, disappointment and broken dreams, and the joy of God’s poured out grace, His healing and delivering hand in my own life, all of which has inspired the images and writings in my work.  All of us face trials that war against our dreams and dim our vision.  God is indeed greater than the challenges we face, and will not fail us as we place our trust in Him.
You, friend, are important to God.  You are the reason we do what we do. I hope you find pleasure and a sense of peace as you view our site. Feel free to send us a note.  We’d love to hear from you.  May God bless you deeply.


Sincerely in Him,
Barbara Bosworth

You are welcome to visit our Studio. We are open to the public on Tuesdays.
All other days are by appointment. Feel free to call us, we would love to
hear from you.