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Welcome to our Gallery. We hope the pages of our website will serve as an inspiration and source of encouragement.

You will find drawings and paintings portraying the timeless truths of scripture and the Christian faith. You will also find sketches of children, flowers, a new line of trees, along with a few still-life’s in our collection.

Many pieces of our artwork come with inspirational writing, written by the artist, Barbara Bosworth. Barbara is glad to personalize your selections with names, special dates, “in memory” statements, or scripture of choice.

The artwork on the following pages is the result of Barbara’s faith walk and God-given gifts. The prints, card line, and bookmarks are available because of a dedicated team of friends and co-workers, who work side by side, sharing the faith, values, and ideals the work portrays. We are committed to providing you with a product line of the “highest quality” in both “message” and “material”, using acid free papers, mat boards… some of the best on the market.

We believe any of our selections will make wonderful gifts and provide you with a vehicle to share your faith. The scriptures standalone in their ability to bring vision, perspective, hope, refreshment and healing, to a sometimes confused and hurting world… it is a privilege for any of us to be able to share with others.

We look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. God bless you as you browse our site!

The Heirlooms Gallery team
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Our Mission Statement   

     Heirlooms Gallery exists for the purpose of sharing the love   of Christ and encouragement of scripture through the designing of Christian Artwork and inspirational writings.
     We strive to offer a high quality line of cards and prints that relate to people in both the joyful and precious moments of life and the seasons of struggle and disappointment.
     We aim to glorify God, not only with our products and service, but also in giving. We are working towards 90% of our profits being offered toward Missions.  We believe we have a call to become a stream of living water pouring out to the hungry and thirsty of the world…both spiritually and physically.  We aspire to use all of our resources to serve God and His purposes for us.

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All paintings and prints are signed by the artist.
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