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The inspirational original artwork of Barbara Bosworth is now available in these attractive bookmarks. They are a small gift with a big message that any person, from any walk of life, will love giving and receiving.

Faith Marks® are quality bookmarks intended for anyone to be able to express their heart for the Lord. Whether given as a gift, or for personal use, Faith Marks® are a visual reminder that there is an Amazing God with an Amazing love for His people.

All bookmarks are available in a variety of ribbon colors, or available without ribbon. They can be purchased in large or small quantities, and can be used for a variety of things…. Personal gifts, Appreciation gifts, Awards, Outreach – Evangelism, Bible studies Sunday Schools, and Visitor packets.

They are a small gift with a big message that will last a lifetime and allow anyone to share their own statement of faith. Faith Marks® are available in the following selections.